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Grooming is an important part of preventative health care routine for many pets.

All dogs and cats require to have their coats groomed to keep them in good condition.  Long coats often require a lot of work.  Our recommendation is, that unless you are showing your pet, you keep its coat short in a “pet trim”.  In some skin diseases the coats should be kept very short.

Our services include:

-grooming to clients specification
-bath and blow dry-sedation if required, for sensitive pets


Included in the price of your groom we clinically check:

-anal glands
-nail clips

A vet is always at hand to check your pet if you have any concerns you have and the problems will be discussed with you by the vet on discharge.


Monday to Saturday 9am – 6pm

Our grooming appointments are at 9am and 1pm and we would ask that you arrive promptly for each appointment


In recent years the dog grooming industry has continued to thrive and grow, presenting more opportunities than ever before for dog lovers and those looking for a job working with animals to enjoy a career with huge potential.  In the UK most households have a dog and these days it is not just the specific  breeds like poodles or bichon frise that need a haircut. These days it is easy to take your boxer or labrador for a bath and brush than attempt  it at home so the dog grooming industry now caters for all breeds in every shape and size...

Our Team

Christine Foster

Dog Grooming Manager

Yvette Nuttall

Dog Grooming Tutor

Adele Bishop

Dog Grooming Tutor

Emma Kellie

Dog Grooming Tutor

Mary Cunliffe

Dog Groomer

Leah Webster

Dog Groomer

Rachel Cooper

Dog Groomer

Dr Richard Weston

Dog Grooming Animal Health Tutor

James Weston

Dog Grooming Business Tutor

Yvette Hoyle RVN

Dog Grooming First Aid Tutor

Emma Garner FdSc RVN

Dog Grooming First Aid Tutor

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