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May 2018, We have joined the British Veterinary Receptionist Association to ensure that our recetion staff are highly trained and to further and knowledge and capability when dealing with all our pets and clients.

April 2018, With our constant strive to perfect our service to our pets and clients we have been test a stem cell regenerative therapy which has prooven sucsesfull so far but we are still awaiting further results. Whatch this space for further ways in which we can help your pet.

March 2018, Our monthly in-house training and this month, CPR and emergency training. Here is our team working with Vets Now our out of hours team to improve our skills and service to all our pets.

February 2018, We have now started to be able to product 3D printing. From our CT scans that we take we are able to product 3D print to enable us to understand the case better and pre surgery planning is even more thourough. 

January 2018, we hosted our anual vets gathering. We get toghether with all the local vets in the area to discuss everything veterinary including national issues like alabama rot and how together we can help each other as a community. 

December 2017, All the staff atended the chamber of commerence business awards. We were up for "family business of the year" but unfortunatly we did not win but we had an incredible night and it was lots of fun.

November 2017, We attended London Vet Show to advertise our imaging side of the business "Northwest MRI & CT". Lots of vet in the northwest make great use of the accessibillity of the advanced imaging that we offer.

October 16th 2017, We opened our CT scanner officially. The mayor of Wigan and Billy Boston MBE were kind enough to open the scanner, it was broadcasted on Facebook live and covered by the local papers and national veterinary publications. All our staff have now been fully trained and all the hard work has paid off as it all went to plan perfectly.

September 2017, we are also lucky enough to be finialists for the Mersyside, Cheshire and Wigan Federation of small businesses under the catogary "Best family business of the year". The awards night is on the 7th December 2017 in Liverpool and if we win this one then we will be attending a national award under the same catagory in London, fingers crossed.

September 2017, we are deligted to announce that we have been nominated for "Best family business of the year" in the Greater Manchester area by the chamber of commerence. The awards evening is held on the 17th November 2017 and we will let you all know how we get on.

August 2017, A few long nights trying to prepare the room the the arrival of the CT scanner. It has a very specific requirement for for the preperation. The whole room as to be made out of lead to hold in the radiation and we have to make a whole on the wall to get the scanner itself into the room. The room prep will take us about 3 months as we are doing the work ourselves to ensure it is done to our high standard.

May 2017, We have just invested heavily in a new CT scanner. This will be in place of our hydrotherapy pool and unfortunatly we will be removing the pool completly. This is the plan for the CT scanner and it will compliment our MRI scanner that we already have. This will ensure that no matter the issue with your pet we have the experience and facility to deal with it.

Febuary 21017 Welcome to the team,

Fiammetta Baccetti MRCVS

I graduated from the Department of Veterinary Medicine in Pisa (Italy) in 2015. 
Then, after gaining some experience in a Veterinary Hospital in Barcelona (Spain) and in a Small Animal Clinic in Italy, I decided to move working in UK and gladly joined the Anrich’s team. 
Though I enjoy all aspects of the job, I have a special interest in surgery, both soft tissue and orthopaedic, in which I hope to specialize in the close future.
When I’m not working I enjoy spending time travelling, for real if it’s possible or alternatively just with my mind reading a good book while cuddling my wonderful cat Lambert.

January 2017, We have just finished our waiting area which has enabled us to fit more seating together with a private waiting area for the more sensitive visits. We have also put up a mural of a chocolate lab in loving memory of Tilly Weston (Richard and Anji's dog that sadly passed away a few years ago). Watch this space for pictures of the new private waiting area.

January 2017, We have changed out out of hours service to Vets Now as of today. We have discussed this in great detail within the staff and customers and we feel it is a better service for your pets. We work very closely with them and they have proven that they can offer you and your pet an outstanding service. If you wish to find out more then please look at the link provided or feel free to come in and discuss it with James or Richard Weston and we will be more than happy to answer and questions.
Our website will be updated in due course but in the meantime if you need out of hours help then please call the number as usual 01942 242001…/pet-emergency-hospital-manchest…/

January 2107, Our dog waiting area is being refurbished and we are adding a private waiting area for the more sensitive matters. Please come back to see it finished by the end of January.

December 2016, Welcome to Edyda Handel MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon

I graduated from University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Wroclaw, Poland in 2015. Since then I have been working in a small animal clinic. This work expereience has had direct impact to develop a strong interest in internal medicine. In 2015 I finished my laboratory diagnostic workshop including hematology, cytology and biochemistry. Thanks to this I discovered my passion for the microscope which is very helpful in my daily work.
 I have keen interest in small animal medicine and in close future I would like to start specialization in this area. Privately, I am happy owner of rabbit Bobka.

1st JUNE 2016: We have just launched the new VIP Plan to make your pets preventative healthcare affordable. This plan includes all of your flea treatment, worming treatment and your anual vaccinations for a small monthly payment. See the image below to see how much you could save.

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