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Here at Anrich Veterinary Hospital, we are all fully committed to proactive rather than reactive veterinary care. We are therefore delighted to announce that from 2nd September 2010, we have made it even easier for you to provide the best possible care for your pets, through our new Pet Health Plans.

Our Pet Health Plans are for dogs, cats and rabbits, they enable you to spread the cost of your pet’s veterinary care by paying a predictable set amount each month, whilst saving you money. Once you have joined our Pet Health Plans you no longer need worry about incurring a veterinary bill each time you visit.

We have designed our Pet Health Plans to include essential healthcare for your dog, cat or rabbit, from the early stages, through adulthood and into senior years. Your pet’s routine veterinary care is covered from as little as £12.22 for a small dog, £11.73 for a cat or £8.83 for a rabbit and the plans include:

• Six-monthly visits for a 10-point health check • 10% discount on neutering

• Vaccinations and boosters • 10% discount on dental procedures

• Year-round flea, worm and parasite treatment • 10% discount on long-term drugs bought in practice

• 20% discount on microchipping • 10% discount on food & accessories bought in practice

We highly recommend that you join our Pet Health Plans as they are excellent value for money and offer exclusive discounts on any further treatment required. They also provide you with peace of mind that your pet will receive high quality healthcare, helping them to enjoy a happier & healthier life.

How to Join Pet Health Plans

Please have your bank details to hand in order set up the monthly Direct Debit. Our Pet Health Plans are administered by The Practice Business, which are members of the AXA Group.

• Pop in to the practice and a member of staff will be there to answer any questions you may have.

• Call the Pet Health Plans team on 0800 169 9958 – lines are open Mon to Thurs 8.30am to 6.00pm and Friday 08.30am to 5.00pm

If you have any questions about joining our Pet Health Plans please contact the practice 0871 223 2040 and we can discuss your pets’ options further.

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