Neutering is a very important for both male and female dogs and cats, and one of the most important things you can do for your pet, not only are there proven health benefits, but it can sometimes help with socialising issues.

Benefits: Pregnancy is stressful to the biology of a dog. Whilst a healthy male dog can father hundreds of puppies without any significant stress, female dogs use a lot of energy and nutrient during pregnancy and lactation.

Neutering is the most responsible thing you can do as a pet owner, not only does it help to prevent unwanted pregnancies there are also many other health benefits including :

  • Reduces the risk of potentially fatal testicular tumours in male cats and dogs.
  • Reduces the risk of potentially fatal mammary tumours in female cats and dogs.
  • Prevents pyometra, (infection of the uterus), in female cats and dogs.
  • Can sometimes help to reduce aggression and/or hyperactivity.

Procedure: Getting your pet neutered is a very routine operation. Usually we will request that you bring your pet to us at approximately 08:30am. We will ask you not to feed your pet from the night before the operation and to remove the water in the morning as an anaesthetic is required.

Once the vet and the nursing team is ready to perform the operation your pet will be given a mild sedative to relax them and then an anaesthetic will be administered. Your pet will then be operated on in one of our fully equipped surgical theatres, whilst being constantly monitored by our professional team of veterinary nurses.

Your pet will be anaesthatised for approximately 1 hour while the surgery is performed, from here your pet will be moved to a kennel area and given time to recover from the operation, (again being closely monitored by our team of nursing staff). Once your pet has recovered sufficiently they will be able to go home and a staff member will call you to inform you of a convenient time for collection.

Our team of staff will be constantly on hand to give help and advice even after you have returned home with your pet, we will provide you with all the necessary instructions for caring for your pet whilst at home and we will also request to see your pet approximately 5 days after the operation to check everything is well.

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