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veterinary dermatology in Wigan

Veterinary Dermatology

We offer veterinary dermatology consultations both as first opinion and as a referral from other veterinary practices. Our in-house specific lab is used by our veterinary dermatologist to diagnose our patients for many parasites such as; ear mites, demodex, scabies, fleas, and ticks. Our designated veterinary surgeon Dr Julianna Rodriguez MRCVS is currently studying towards her advanced certification in Dermatology and is always on hand to assist with all your dermatology needs.

Having a lab in house gives us the ability to diagnose your pets in a quicker time frame than sending samples off to an external laboratory for a diagnosis. We offer different sampling methods such as;

  • Skin scrapes
  • Fur pluck
  • Swabbing
  • Taping

The Dermatological Process Explained

We are extremely lucky to have a resident dermatology expert, Dr. Julianna Rodriguez MRCVS, on hand here at Anrich Vets. Dermatology issues in animals can be distressing for both the pet and the owner, and we are pleased that we can treat these conditions here at our clinic. Repeated scratching is often a secondary issue arising from the original dermatological condition and can cause severe damage and pain, so swift treatment of the original condition is imperative to prevent further distress and damage. 

Dr Julianna Rodriguez will take an extensive history of your pet, and look for any changes in food, environment, or location that could have triggered the skin condition. This detailed analysis, combined with swabs which are analysed in-house, will give us an excellent diagnostic framework. Once we have identified the problem and any possible cause, then we will be able to create a supportive treatment plan for your pet. Regular consultations will make sure that the improvement we would expect to see is indeed occurring and any changes that need to be made to the treatment plan can be swiftly done. We will always provide support to you and your pet throughout the treatment so that we can help you to ensure that your pet quickly recovers, and enjoys an improved quality of life.

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