Vaccinations are very important in order to protect your pet from some potentially fatal diseases.

Your pet is likely to come into contact with some form of infectious disease as they explore the world around them and this is why we recommend vaccinating young puppies and kittens and also keeping your pet up to date with annual boosters.

Puppies – Should be vaccinated first at 8 weeks of age and a second

vaccination given at 10 weeks. The protection then needs to be maintained on a yearly basis with booster vaccinations for which we will send you a reminder. An unvaccinated puppy is potentially at risk from diseases such as Parvovirus, Distemper, Leptospirosis, Infectious Canine Hepatitis and Coronavirus.

Kittens – Should be vaccinated first at 9 weeks of age and a second vaccination given at 12 weeks, as with puppies this should then be maintained with a yearly booster and again a reminder will be sent. An unvaccinated kitten is potentially at risk from diseases such as Cat Flu, Enteritis, Luekaemia and Chlamydia.

Rabbits – Should be vaccinated from as early as 6 weeks of age against Myxomatosis and 10 weeks of age against Viral Haemorrhagic Disease, (VHD). We will then forward a reminder for the vaccinations to be repeated on an annual basis.

Additional Vaccinations - It is advised that the above vaccinations be administered as a matter of course and maintained, however we also have additional vaccinations available. It is your decision if you wish your pets to have these additional vaccinations.

The first is vaccination against Kennel Cough, we strongly advise having this vaccination done if your dog is to stay in kennels for any reason and most kennels will only accept your pet if you have proof  that this vaccination has been given.

The second is against Rabies and this has to be given if you intend to travel outside of theUK.

Please call if you require additional information regarding any of the vaccinations .

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