Vet vaccination

Pet Vaccinations

Our ethos is always “prevention is better than a cure”. This is why we offer a carefully selected puppy and kitten package to keep your pets in their best health right from the start of their journey in life.

Puppy and kitten packs include 1st and 2nd vaccination, 1 month’s flea and worm treatment, food sample, 5 weeks free pet insurance and 10% discount on neutering for £99. Throughout life, your pet is likely to meet some form of infectious disease as they explore the world.

In the UK, we vaccinate puppies from 10 weeks of age; cats from 9 weeks, then a second vaccination is required between 2–4 weeks of the first as part of the initial course. After this, a ‘booster’ vaccination is given annually to keep your pet vaccinated. We also offer rabbit vaccinations. Rabbits are to be vaccinated as early as 6 weeks of age, with a second vaccine at 10 weeks of age.

Why we’re different?

Here at Anrich Vets, we understand that life can be hectic, and having to remember to book your pet’s vaccinations can be another job to add to your to-do list. We take the pressure off, by sending out timely reminders so that you don’t miss out on keeping your pet protected. We always give your pet a general health check during his vaccination, so that you can rest assured that he is healthy and happy.

Why it’s important to vaccinate your pet?

Vaccinations play an incredibly important role in keeping your best friend healthy and happy. Ensuring that the majority of pets are vaccinated, helps to prevent the spread of dangerous diseases that could have devastating consequences. Vaccinations work by giving your pet a small amount of the virus or bacteria, the body fights against this by producing antibodies. This means that if it meets the virus or bacteria again, it recognises it and fights it off. Vaccinations are crucial in keeping your pet healthy throughout his life.

Join our happy clients

We always value feedback from our clients here at Anrich Vets, and our clients report that our vaccination service is good value for money, delivered by experienced and helpful vets, who are more than happy to answer any questions and spend time making the experience an enjoyable one for their pets!

If you are looking to have your pet vaccinated please contact our reception team who will be happy to help you register your pet and book them to see one of our consulting veterinary surgeons.

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Other vaccinations such as the kennel cough vaccination is often required by boarding/kennels for the protection of pets in kennels. We offer this service here at Anrich.

If you are travelling abroad with your pet you will need a pet passport. In addition to the advised vaccines for this country, an additional rabies vaccination is required.

For more information on our vaccinations, pet passports or on the pet travel scheme, call our reception team.