Vet laparoscopic spay

Laparoscopic Spay (Keyhole Surgery)

Dr Emily Long MRCVS has took additional training to perform laparoscopic surgeries. In many ways this process is like the traditional spay/castrate, all pre-surgical preparation is identical and your pet will still only need to be with us for the day.

The main difference is the process once your pet is under anaesthetic. 2-3 small wounds are made on the abdomen of the patient. A small amount of gas is introduced internally through the first wound; this technique is done to lift the body away from the internal organs which creates a ‘tent’ effect.

A small camera is then inserted into the same incision to locate the internal structures; ovaries. In most cases, only the ovaries are removed however if required to us can also remove the uterus. Once removed the small incisions are stitched up.

This technique is only suitable for patients over 3kg in weight as due to their size any smaller would be difficult due to the incisions. Keyhole surgery is popular across the profession as there are several benefits including; reduced pain from surgical wounds, smaller surgical wound, a faster return to normal activity (the average days rest with traditional technique is 10-14, with keyhole surgery this is average of 5 days’ rest.

At Anrich Vets, we are offering laparoscopic spays at a £190 surcharge on top of our traditional spay price.