Veterinary Services


At Anrich Vets, we offer a wide range of veterinary care from vaccinations, to pet neutering and dentistry. Our vets expertise and up to date veterinary care facilities are fully equipped to carry out our medical procedures. You can also view our experienced team here.

Veterinary vaccination


We offer a puppy and kitten pack for starting your vaccinations for £99. We also provide a booster service for your pet which includes a full consultations with the vet to go through any other concerns that you may have.

Pet neutering

Pet Neutering

We offer a range a neutering options for male and female cats and dogs. We also offer laprascopic spays for bitches from 10kg upwards, this is a more minimal invasive procedure.

Vet dentistry


We offer free pet dental checks and are able to carry out everything from a scale and polish up to dental surgery, as a part of our full oral veterinary care service.