Vet CT-Scanning and Diagnostic Imaging in Wigan

Veterinary CT Scanning

CT scans are similar to x-ray in that they show us internal anatomical structures of your pet, the difference is a veterinary CT scanner shows the images at 360-degree view. An x-ray tube rotates around the patient as they pass through the CT scanner.

At Anrich Vets, we use CT to diagnose a multitude of different conditions including; tumours, foreign body items, disc protrusions, fractures amongst other conditions. We will scan the patient, then give the patient contrast to enhance areas of interest. Another scan is then done and the images will outline pathologies such as masses, damage to internal structures and disc legions.

The scan itself takes between 10-20 minutes depending on areas of scanning. However, we allow around 3 hours as your pet will be sedated/anaesthetised and will need time to recover from the anaesthetic prior to discharge. Your pet will be continuously monitored by a dedicated imaging nurse before, during and after the scan.

Once the patient has been imaged, the images are downloaded and a case study is sent to a European diplomat. We receive standard reports in 5-7 days, however an urgent report can be requested with results in under 4 hours for a fee.

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