What is the Average Cost of Dog CT Scan in the UK

The cost of a CT scan for your dog will vary. Costs will depend on where in the country you live, as well as the type of scan that is needed. Here at Anrich Vets, we aim to keep our pricing affordable for our clients, so that we can deliver high-quality care to all the dogs under our care, no matter the type of digital imaging that they need.

How Much is The Average Cost of a Dog CT Scan?

In general, the average cost of a CT scan is around £1000, but this will depend on your individual circumstances. CT scans can be extremely important for the long-term care of your dog, giving the vet, a detailed diagnosis tool so that they can treat your dog accordingly.

Factors Influencing the Cost of a CT Scan

As ever, some factors will affect the price of a CT scan. The price can vary across the country, so it may be worth travelling further to find a more affordable vet. The location of the CT scan can affect the price, or if more than one area needs a CT scan. The complexity of the CT scan can affect the cost, some CT scans need a scan with contrast, where the vet will inject a contrast material into your dog, to help them see the area of concern more clearly. This will raise the cost. If your dog needs an emergency CT scan, for example after an accident, this may cost more, as the CT scan may need to be carried out by the out-of-hours vet.

Discount Options for Digital Imaging

We will always discuss your financial options with you if your pet needs a CT scan or other digital imaging. In some instances, we may be able to offer payment plans, to help spread the cost of the CT scan. We are a family-run vet practice, and we work hard to ensure that we can deliver an exceptionally high level of care at an affordable rate. Our ethos is always to place the health of the pet first.

Does Pet Insurance Cover CT Scans For Dogs?

In general, pet insurance will cover the cost, or cover some cost, of a CT scan. As ever, you must read your insurance documents thoroughly, so that you know exactly what is included in your cover. If you are in any doubt, then speak to your insurance company about the extent of their cover. Some pre-existing conditions may not be covered by your insurance, and some insurance companies put a cap on a spend for a single condition, so you may need to cover the surplus. We will always help you to understand exactly what is required, and whether your pet insurance covers this CT scan.

Is a CT Scan For a Dog Worth The Price?

Digital imaging such as a CT scan can be invaluable to help treat your dog. A CT scan works by taking multiple X-rays in small slices through a section of the body of your dog. This scan allows the vet to see the bones, soft tissues, and blood vessels. CT scans are often used after a traumatic accident to see the extent of damage within the body of the dog. A CT scan will enable your vet to see any damage after an accident, tumours, masses, or changes in the dog. A detailed diagnosis forms the backbone of a good treatment plan, and the more informed your vet is, the better the chances of successfully treating your dog. If you are worried about the cost of the CT scan for your dog, your vet will discuss this with you in detail, and explain why it is important. Here at Anrich Vets, we will always take the time to discuss your pet and their health with you and advise on the best course of action for your circumstances.

Come to Anrich Vets for an Affordable CT Scan

We have invested in our equipment so that we can offer CT scans to our clients. Not all vets have a CT scanner, or the knowledge to read the CT scan. If you have any concerns about the health of your dog, then always get in touch. Our experienced and friendly team are here for you. Whether you are looking for a second opinion after a previous scan, a CT scan referral from your current vet, or an investigative CT scan, we can help. If you want to learn more about CT scans and how they can help your dog, then take a look at our CT scan page. Or if you want to speak to us, then simply call us on 01942 242001